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Clinical Supervision

Inspire Wellness offers clinical supervision for LSWs, MFTs, and LACs. Supervision is a process that consists of building a trusting relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee that enhances growth, sharpens skills, and increases confidence in providing therapeutic services.


Our experienced supervisors will help the supervisee discover and maximize his or her strengths as well as address and overcome any challenges in the work.  At Inspire Wellness, our clinicians utilize a range of practice models, drawing from various theoretical frameworks, including but not limited to, psychodynamic models, CBT, DBT, and family systems theories. 


We are committed to assisting supervisees with integrating theoretical knowledge and applied practice, through regular supportive and educational supervisory meetings, and we can be available for consultation in emergencies. In addition, we offer support and guidance in understanding and managing transference, countertransference, and professional boundary challenges.

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