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Psychoeducational Evaluations

Student Doing Homework

Psychoeducational Evaluations seek to understand a child’s learning style in order to provide guidance for classroom accommodations and support from an educational perspective.


These evaluations are generally not as broad in scope as Neuropsychological Evaluations, and usually do not include formal assessments of the specific domains of cognitive functioning (attention, memory, executive functioning, language, etc).  Because they are more limited in scope, Psychoeducational Evaluations may not provide the level of data needed to fully assess, diagnose, and recommend treatment for disabilities involving language, attention, executive functioning, or other more complex social/emotional and learning-related difficulties. 


Psychoeducational Evaluations focus more on identifying the child’s difficulties in the classroom (i.e. what is happening) rather than examining the underlying brain origins and neurocognitive processes that are causing the child’s difficulties in the classroom (i.e. why it is happening).

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