Social Skills Summer Camp

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Inspiring Social Skills is a camp for children and adolescents who are interested in learning ways to make and maintain friendships.


A multidisciplinary approach is used to teach these skills through creative arts, sports, and therapeutic interventions.


Professional Mental Health Counselors will provide parents with feedback regarding their child’s social skills, highlighting both strengths and areas of improvement.


At the completion of camp, parents will be provided with individualized recommendations through the use of a social function assessment. The recommendations will provide a foundation to help families and/or other treatment providers to continue to foster social growth and development.  


There will be a phone screen before applying for camp to ensure the child is a good fit.   


Call us at 201-564-7331 for more information. 

Who Should Attend:

Children & Adolescents 




Session 1, July 12th – July 15th 

Topic: Identity Exploration and Development 


Session 2, July 19th – July 22nd  

Topic: Conversational skills   


Session 3, August 16th – August 19th  

Topic: Executive functioning, Flexibility and Emotion Regulation  


Session 4, August 23rd – August 26th 

Topic: Socializing in the Community 


Morning Session



12-12:30pm - Break for Lunch 


Afternoon Session

12:30- 2:30pm


As COVID protocols change, we may adjust policies for  admission to camp or participation.

Counselors will advise of any new procedures.