Social Skills Summer Camp

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We are offering an online interactive social skills group for adolescents who are interesting in learning ways to make and maintain friendships. 


The group will meet three days per week through Zoom. Members will have the opportunity to learn social skills and sport-specific techniques to improve their performance mindset. In addition, group members will engage in art therapy. 

There are four separate sessions of the camp, with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being the camp for the kids and then Friday will be the follow up session with the individual family to provide a social assessment/recommendations.  


There will be a phone screen before applying for camp to ensure the child is a good fit.   


Call us at 201-564-7331 for more information. 

Who Should Attend:





Session 1: July 7th- July 10th 

Topic: How to Identify a Friend

Session 2: July 14th- July 17th

Topic: Let’s Start a Conversation

Session 3: August 18th- August 21st 

Topic: Tell Me What You Like: Strategies to Help Kids Understand Interests and Perspective of Others

Session 4: August 25th - August 28th 

Topic: Let’s Stay Connected: Maintaining and Fostering Friendships


Morning Session

10:30-11am – Social Skills

11-11:30am- Sport Skills

11:30am-12:00pm- Art Activities


12-1pm - Break for Lunch (all members log off the group)


Afternoon Session

1-1:30pm - Mindfulness/Yoga

1:30-2:00pm- Art Activities

2:00-2:30pm- Social Skills