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Summer Self Care

Summer is typically a time for most to enjoy warmer weather and take a break from regular routines. However, for some, the changes this season brings can cause anxiety and depression to worsen. Here’s some self-care tips to keep in mind in order to manage symptoms and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Always Love Yourself: Practice self-love and embrace your uniqueness. Use the break in routine to start a new conversation with the voice in your head and re-focus negative self-talk.

Try a New Activity: Planning a day out to see a new movie, hike a different trail or a quick getaway can help get through a regular day and offers something to look forward to.

Start a Gratitude Journal: Make it as simple or elaborate as you like but focusing on the positives in your daily routine can help ease some anxieties.

Relax Purposefully: Summer is a break from the normal routine. Schedule breaks to rest and relax to reset your body and mind.

Enjoy time with family, friends or pets: You don’t need to pack your social calendar with events every day but getting together with family/ friends or extra time with your pet provides a sense of connection which is a mood booster.

Get Outside: That extra Vitamin D can go a long way so whether it’s a quick walk around the block, tending to a garden or a day at the beach- being outside allows your mind to decompress and normalize.

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